Mistakes to Avoid When Making Guacamole

Guacamole is one of the most in vogue dips out there right now. This avocado-based treat is so simple, however, it’s way too easy to find guacamole that has been made into something that is far away from what it should be.

These tips will help you avoid mistakes that will ruin your next batch of guacamole.

Don’t Use Garlic

Let us repeat: do not use garlic! It might seem tempting to add this ingredient to guacamole, but it will absolutely overwhelm the flavor of the dip and make it nearly impossible to eat. Just say no to garlic in guac.

Let Avocado Be the Star

The principal ingredient in guacamole is avocado, and this is for an important reason. The delicious, creamy texture and flavorful nature of guacamole are meant to be put on display in guacamole, so don’t over-add other ingredients like chiles or onions and make it disappear from the center stage.

Don’t Forget to Salt

Have you ever tried guacamole that tasted bland for some reason? The most likely explanation for this is a lack of salt. It’s important to add a little bit of salt to guacamole to enhance its flavor and make it pop.