Mountain Dew Wants You to Marry a Can of Its Hard Soda

Mountain Dew
Photo by Anil Xavier on Unsplash

Mountain Dew is taking your love of soda to a whole new level. 

Earlier this year, the drink jumped on the hard seltzer bandwagon and launched a boozy version called Hard Mtn Dew. The beverage was initially only available Florida, Iowa, and Tennessee, but is scheduled to drop in Nevada. 

In honor of the exciting occasion, you are being invited to a wedding in Las Vegas—between you and a can of Mtn Dew!

“Fans have gone wild for Hard Mtn Dew since hitting shelves, so our recent expansion to Las Vegas felt like the perfect opportunity to return the love by proposing to our fans,” stated Erica Taylor, Hard Mtn Dew’s senior brand director. “We’ve already seen the crazy lengths people will go for Hard Mtn Dew, so offering up a legendary wedding in Sin City is our way of saying thanks!”

So, how exactly does this work?

Well, eligible bachelors and bachelorettes—AKA anyone over the age of 21 who can be in Vegas for the wedding date in October—can apply on where they will have to fill out a questionnaire. 

Questions include: “How did you know Hard Mtn Dew was the one for you?” “What makes you our one true love?” And, “Write us your proposal to ask for our hand in marriage.” Applicants also have to submit a photo of themselves that would capture “how you’d feel if you found out you were engaged to Hard Mtn Dew”.

The chosen bride or groom will win flights and accommodation for two people, a glitzy reception at a Vegas club, $1,000, and tons of Hard Mountain Dew. 

Up for the challenge? You have until September 8 to propose.