Pittsburgh’s Most Iconic Dish? It’s This One-of-a-Kind Sandwich

The former Rust Belt industrial hub of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is undergoing a bit of a renaissance lately. This city is starting to have more and more gastronomic offerings and pricey restaurants, reflecting its reality as a dynamic and changing place.

Real Pittsburghers know, however, that the real king of Pittsburgh gastronomy is Primanti Brothers, which makes one of the most unique sandwiches that you’ll find anywhere.

Primanti’s is a Pittsburgh institution that was born in 1933 during the peak of the Great Depression. Workers were looking for a cheap and filling meal, and Joe Primanti and his brothers began selling this packed sandwich in order to fulfill that desire.

These sandwiches can have different meats and cheeses, but what makes them unique is the addition of two unique ingredients: french fries and coleslaw.

Outside of the fries and slaw, all Primanti’s sandwiches also contain thick Italian bread as well as tomato slices. From there, guests have a wide variety of sandwich options to choose from, incorporating a wide variety of grilled meats and cheeses.

The result is a truly massive sandwich that is unmatched anywhere else on Earth in terms of its legend and uniqueness. Would you give one a try?