Red Cabbage is the Ultimate Substitute for Regular Salad Greens

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Red cabbage is a highly underrated vegetable to use in place of greens. Not only does it have the crunch factor of lettuce with even more health benefits, like vitamins A and C and vitamin B-6. It also gives your salad a beautiful purple-red hue, which will help any salad aesthetically. If you’re tired of always relying on greens to make your salad more bountiful, pick up a red cabbage instead.

Pro Tip

The core of the cabbage is really hard and basically inedible. To remove it, cut the cabbage in half lengthwise, and then cut a ‘v’ shape out of the bottom of each half to get rid of it.

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🥕FERMENTED VEGGIES🥕 Hey everyone, I hope you have a very good day! Today, I want to share one of the things I need to (should) take every single day. As I told you, I must have a diet because of my medical issues. My digesting system is pretty much broke down and my absorption is really bad… So, I have to take 6 pills of probiotics and SBOs (Soil Based Organisms). Besides these I need to eat food with probiotics. If you eat fermented veggies then you can take them on that way as well. I decided to do it myself, then at least I know what’s in it. I obviously started with cabbage and carrots. I love both of these. In the end it turned out that cabbage is not the best for me. 😅 But who has better digestion it can be good too. Let’s see how to make these delicious snacks (that’s how I have it). Ingredients: Any kind of vegetables Glass jars 300 ml warm water 2-3 tbsp salt Mustard seeds (optional) Whole pepper (optional) Bay leaves How to: 1️⃣Boil water in a big pot. You need to boil the jars for a little to sterilize them. When they are done put them out on a clean kitchetowel. 2️⃣Cut the vegetables into very thin slices. 3️⃣Put the mustard seeds and the pepper in the jars. Then add the bay leaves too. 4️⃣Put as much veggies in the jar as much possible. Leave 2 cm empty. 5️⃣Put the salt into the warm water and stir it until it dissolves. 6️⃣Fill the jar with it. Leave 1 cm empty in the jar. 7️⃣Place them in dark place where you have 20-22 degrees. No more otherwise they’ll get bad. 8️⃣Leave them there for 5 days. Sometimes move the lid a bit like you want to open, then the extra gas will go away. 9️⃣After the fifth day you can already eat them! 🙂 #marcsisplate #fermentedveggies #fermented #fermentedvegetables #fermentedfoods #cabbage #redcabbage #carrots #homemade #fermentation #healthydiet #healthyfood #vegan #probiotics #naturalprobiotic #rodekool #káposzta #savanyúkáposzta #mutimiteszel #recept #recipe #instarecipe #foodphotograpy #foodstyling #gloobyfood #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #foodie_features #thrivemags

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Once the cabbage has been cored, cut it into strips by running your knife through it widthwise. Put that in a large bowl.

Start shredding up carrots with a box grater or the grater attachment in a food processor. Add that to the bowl of cabbage.

Finally roast some chickpeas in a marinade of lime juice, olive oil, and sriracha. Roast for 20-30 minutes.

Make a simple dressing of apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, and pepper and pour over the cabbage and carrots.

Top with the crispy roasted chickpeas and serve!