Rolled Ice Cream is Taking Over

Have you seen a strange-looking, ultra-thin ice cream in a cone or a cup near you recently?

If so, what you probably saw was an example of one of the hottest food trends sweeping the world right now: rolled ice cream. What you might not know is how this dessert got its start and just how new it is!

Let’s go back to Thailand in 2009. In the streets of Bangkok and other cities around the Southeast Asian country, street food vendors have started to experiment with a new dessert that they call ไอติมผัด. It consists of taking a dairy base, spreading it on top of an ultra-cold surface, and then using a sharp edge spatula to roll it up into a thin, ice cream-like dessert.

In 2015, this dessert started to move into the United States and elsewhere. Stores around the planet started to take advantage of this Thai creation, implementing new flavors and twists on the rolled ice cream trend.

After scraping the thin rolls into a cup or a cone, rolled ice cream vendors have the ability to make true art with their creations! Roses and flowers are some of the most common shapes formed by the rolled ice cream which is served to consumers.

Have you tried rolled ice cream yet? What did you think?