See the Amazing Noodle Masters Preparing the Most Famous Chinese Street Food

YouTube channel The Food Ranger recently published a video showing how Chinese chefs prepare their famous noodles. Trevor James reports from Lanzhou, China, the home of hand-pulled noodles. James and his crew are headed straight to a kitchen where they’re filming the noodle masters in action.

In the video below, you can see the men kneading and stretching the noodle dough until it becomes smooth and flexible, perfect for making fresh, thin noodles. The giant mountains of dough are turned into small bricks, which are then pulled until they are thin enough. The noodles go straight to the cauldron in front of which we see a big line of customers waiting for their portions.

The noodles are served with beef stock, vegetables, sauce, and some beef on the side. After having a meal there, James goes to another noodle place where he shows us another typical style of noodles prepared with lamb stock. Watch the video below to see everything.