Singapore Vending Machines Now Offer Norwegian Salmon Fillets

Photo by Agto Nugroho on Unsplash

Singapore is a big and diverse metropole so it’s no wonder you can taste many different foods there. From Michelin-starred restaurants to numerous food courts, there’s something for everyone in this southeast Asian city-state. The latest addition to the culinary profile of Singapore are the vending machines that sell frozen salmon fillets that come straight from Norway.

The first such ATM opened in January 2019 in the Wisteria shopping mall. Today, there are dozens of them all around the city. The machines are an attempt by the company Norwegian Salmon Pte Ltd to lower the price of their products and sell them to the wider market. With no stores and employees involved in the selling process, they’re able to reduce the cost and make a better offer to potential customers – a single fillet sells for $4.25.

Though it may seem odd, Singapore is actually the perfect location for something like this. The residents are already used to having vending machines for everything and most of them love salmon and wouldn’t turn down a cheap and convenient way to get some.