Ever Heard of Txakoli? This Basque Wine is Perfect For Summer

Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

Nothing quite goes together like summertime and white wine. Hot temperatures invite people to start sipping the lighter, more drinkable wine variety that becomes a favorite for many people around the world during the warmer months.

While we’ve all heard of varieties such as Pinot Noir and Riesling, one under-the-radar white wine that you’ll love if you can get your hands on it is called txakoli. This wine, originating from the Spanish portion of the Basque Country, is super dry, light, and it even has bubbles!

Txakoli (pronounced cha-ko-LEE) has been produced in the rainy, Atlantic regions of the Basque Country since the 15th century, when land owners began trying to use grapes to make a unique wine that would acquire characteristics of the region. They were successful, and mostly produced small batches to drink at home.

However, when the 1980s rolled around and Basque culture started to become more well-known inside of Europe and in the world as a whole, txakoli began to be sold and produced on a commercial level. Nonetheless, the traditional hallmarks of txakoli, such as manual harvest and its fizziness, stayed the same.

Txakoli has a low alcohol percentage and is extremely dry. It is often drunk before meals as an aperitif, as diners love to cleanse their palate with its carbonic and citrus-like flavors. It’s perfect for sipping while relaxing at the pool or outside in the summertime without food, as well.

If you can find txakoli, be sure to give it a try this summer!