Spinach is Too Easy to Hide in Every Meal

Photo by chiara conti on Unsplash

Spinach is one of those quintessential greens that you either love or hate. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to treat it so you can fit into your favorite meals every day.

Spinach is known for the high content of iron, but there is also tons of B vitamins, calcium, and more. So, if you are not so keen on eating your greens, sneak spinach into these dishes.


If you love hummus, adding spinach to is a perfect way to get all your vitamins and minerals into a protein packed snack! Whether you want to make it from scratch or buy it from the store, put it into the food processor with a ton of spinach and blitz away for the perfect green snack.


Muffins are a fun way to start the day, and making them from scratch is really easy. Most recipes only require you to mix the dry and wet ingredient separately and then combine them and put them into a muffin tin. To add spinach, just mix the wet ingredient in a food processor or blender instead of by hand and toss it a whole bag of spinach for bright green power packed muffins!