Take Your Stuffed Peppers to the Next Level in Three Short Steps

Stuffed peppers
Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Peppers are one of the most delicious summer veggies on the market and their incredible versatility is their strongest suit. You can use them to make all sorts of delicious dishes, but none of them are as popular as stuffed peppers and these three useful tips will help you master the art of making them.

Right Peppers

The type of peppers you choose can make or break this dish, and you should usually go for green and red bell peppers that are similar in size. The way you prep them makes all the difference, and pre-cooking them is always a good idea so they wouldn’t be too crunchy. When it comes to the stuffing technique, it’s up to you if you’ll cut them in half or just remove the tops.

Proper Prep

Pre-cooking your peppers isn’t the only part of your prep that shouldn’t be skipped. Most ingredients that you’ll use as stuffing should be pre-cooked, as well. Even though they’ll spend a lot of time in the oven, pre-cooking is a great way to ensure they’ll have the right texture and rich flavor.

Right Ingredients

It’s likely that you already have your go-to recipe that you love sticking to, but how about experimenting every once in a while? There’s more to life than rice and minced meat, so try adding some veggies, nuts, and cheese to the mix or even making your stuffed peppers fully plant-based.