Yukiko Tanzi Will Introduced You To the Magical World of Melon Pans

From mochi and taiyaki to soufflé pancakes, many delicious desserts that you should try ASAP originate from Japan, and melon pans fall under that category. Made with a layer of crisp cookie dough, they’re a delicious traditional treat, and food blogger Yukiko Tanzi will teach you how to make them from the comfort of your own home.

Chocolate and Vanilla Melon Pan

If you struggle to pick the answer whenever someone asks you to make a choice between chocolate and vanilla, this recipe will be your cup of tea. These melon pans are the best of both worlds and they will win you over with their fluffy filling and crunchy exterior.

Mini Matcha Melon Pan

Tanzi often uses matcha powder to give her desserts a vibrant green shade, and she couldn’t resist doing the same with her melon pans. Naturally colored with matcha and ebony carrot powder, these melon pans are simply irresistible thanks to their crunchy cookie shells.

Purple Sweet Potato Melon Pan

Speaking of delicious colorful desserts, this one owes its lovely purple shade to purple sweet potato powder. Tanzi shared a step-to-step video this time around that you’ll apricate if you’re a visual learner because it’s easy to follow and beginner-friendly.