The 4 Types of Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans.
Arabica coffee beans. Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

If you’re looking into grinding your own coffee at home or are simply an avid coffee lover, it’s really important to know thy coffee beans. For anyone who’s not in the loop: there are actually four different types of coffee beans. They might look similar to the naked eye, but in fact, each type is different and has its own special traits.

Arabica Beans

Odds are, you’ve been drinking Arabica-based coffee without even knowing it since it’s the most popular and common type of coffee beans. In fact, they comprise about 60% of the global coffee bean supply. Arabica beans are famous for being relatively sweet and have less of that marked bitterness so often identified with coffee.

Robusta Beans

Next up in the popularity scale are the Robusta beans, which are only slightly less commonly used than the Arabica beans. They have a strong odor and contain a significant amount of caffeine.

Liberica Beans

Liberica beans are a lot less common in western countries and are a lot more prominent in Southeast Asian coffee culture. Those beans carry a unique aroma and are said to have a “love it or hate it” kind of taste. Give them a try and decide for yourselves!

Excelsa Beans

Excelsa beans are also more common in Southeast Asia compared to the rest of the world, and have been classified as a sub-type of Liberica, but true coffee aficionados refer to it as an independent type of beans. Excesla beans are known for their fruity flavor.