A Pancake Bar Should Be Your Go-To Option for Entertaining

Pancake bar
Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

If you’ve been having lots of dinner parties, you’re probably on the lookout for fresh, interesting options you can use when entertaining instead of reusing the same old recipes again and again. Well, we’re here with an idea you won’t be able to resist for the next time you have guests over: a pancake bar.

Here’s how it’s done. Before your guests arrive, prepare enough pancake batter to serve everybody. Also, prepare and lay out toppings like fresh, cut-up fruit, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, hazelnut spread, butter, jam, whipped cream, etc. We also recommend having appropriate drinks like orange juice, mimosas, coffee, and tea.

You can make a stack of pancakes on your own to be ready for when your guests arrive, leaving some batter to make fresh pancakes and/or to allow guests to make their own pancakes if they want.

To take it up a notch, you can even add pancake batter and food coloring into squeeze tubes to allow your guests to make pancake art.

Then, everybody can serve themselves up a pancake creation with all of their favorite toppings to sit down and enjoy together. Not only will everybody be satisfied, but it’ll be a fun and creative twist on a typical dinner party.