The Best Types of Cheese for Mac & Cheese

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Is there anything more disappointing than making a fresh batch of mac & cheese only to realize that the type of cheese you used isn’t exactly right for it? There are right and wrong types of cheese for this popular comfort dish and today we’re revealing the best types to use.

Sharp Cheddar

When you don’t want to risk ruining dinner, go with sharp cheddar. It has a low melting point and stays smooth. It basically gives you the mac & cheese you always imagine when you think about the dish.


Another great option is gouda, a type of cheese that melts wonderfully and provides great flavor.


It’s a hard cheese, but it melts great and has a nutty flavor that’ll make you fall in love at first try.

Cream Cheese

In case you have some cream cheese in the fridge, don’t be afraid to use it to make mac & cheese! It’s especially great if you prepare your food in a slow cooker.

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