The Biggest Cake Mistakes You Should Avoid

Baking a cake can be as easy as following the recipe in front of you, but there are things that can go wrong if you’re not careful. It’s nothing complicated, we promise—you just need to be extra careful. If you want your cake to turn out perfect every single time, here are the most common mistakes to avoid.


If you’re not following the recipe closely, but improvising by substituting certain ingredients, don’t be surprised if the recipe fails. If you want to experiment, only substitute one ingredient at a time so you know precisely which ones work and which don’t.


If a recipe calls for cups of flour instead of precise weight, it can be challenging to get the amount right. Make sure your recipe states precise measurements and follow them using a kitchen scale.

Expired Baking Powder

If you use old baking powder or baking soda, they may be less effective than when they were fresh. They’re typically good for around six months, so keep that in mind when shopping for cake ingredients.