The Importance of Strong Food Presentation

Food presentation
Photo by Madie Hamilton on Unsplash

There are so many different facets that go into a successful meal. The food preparation, the cooking itself, and the presentation as well. Some may disagree with that last one, believing that if the food tastes good, it doesn’t really matter how it’s actually presented to the person eating it. Here’s why this is definitely not true, and why food presentation is so incredibly crucial.

Eating is an Experience

Eating and drinking are obviously something primal and natural that we all have to do to survive. But in our modern-day society, it’s so much more than that. Eating is an experience. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t spend countless moments just trying to decide what we want to eat. This “drama” is all part of the fun.

The same can be said about how our food is presented to us. You’d much rather drink orange juice out of a tall cold glass than a flimsy plastic cup. Technically it might taste the same, but psychologically our brains are convinced that the orange juice is much more delicious in that glass cup.

Such is also the case with serving food with regular silverware, china plates, and proper decorum. When you go to a restaurant, everything you see there is part of the presentation, and it contributes to your experience. You may not realize it, but this matters greatly when you decide if you want to come back next time. So give proper respect to presentation when it comes to food!