The Most Underrated Pasta Recipe

Photo by Bozhin Karaivanov on Unsplash

With all of the amazing food recipes that are out there today, it can sometimes feel as though all subtlety is gone from cooking. If a dish isn’t elaborately over the top, people tend to rate it as a bad dish. However, we’re here to say that a dish can be elegant, quaint, and delicious even when it’s completely understated in its preparation. Here’s how this idea can be applied to a basic pasta.

Olive Oil and Garlic

When many people make pasta, they tend to feel as though they need to prepare an extravagant and flavorful sauce in order for the pasta to be impressive. But with a mere few cloves of garlic and some olive oil, your pasta will taste bold, healthy, and full of life.

Simply sauté minced garlic in a pan with olive oil. When the garlic is cooked, pour the mixture onto your pasta. Add some red chili flakes, kosher salt, and parmesan for a few soft hints of flavor. This shockingly simple concoction is called an aglio e olio pasta, and it proves that less is more. It allows one to appreciate the essence of the pasta, while also enjoying the flavorful hints of garlic and salt. Basic is sometimes better!