Stop Covering Your Sushi With Sauces

Photo by Jakub Dziubak on Unsplash

Some things in life should be enjoyed as they are. Some foods should be eaten with minimal contribution from external products, such as seasonings or sauces. Sushi, we believe, is one of those such foods. A classic dish with so much to offer, it can be enjoyed without needing to be doused in multiple sauces—and here’s why.

You Lose Much of the Taste

If you pour an endless waterfall of sauces onto your sushi, it’s not that you no longer taste the sushi. It’s that you’re distracted by the other flavors. The taste of the sushi remains, but you’re simply too occupied with all of the other sauces to notice. You may think that you’re tasting the whole thing as one, but you’re definitely compromising something.

A Different Experience

Listen, we’re not necessarily saying that sushi with too many sauces is a “bad” experience per se. It’s just different. There’s a lot of sugar in these sauces, and it tends to turn the sushi into something different than intended. You should at the very least try it out without sauces, just to taste what it’s like purely on its own. You may find that you like it a lot better than you think.