The Perfect Formula to a Great Vegan Wrap

Photo by Michu Đăng Quang on Unsplash

Wraps are great to make for vegan on-the-go eating, but when you are building your wrap, you want to keep some things in mind so you have the most successful and delicious meal!


When you are working in a small vessel like a wrap, everything needs to perform double duty. You always want to have some sort of spread on the bottom because it not only provides moisture for the wrap, but it should also be one of the protein sources as well. Use hummus, a bean spread, or anything with nuts and seeds to be the base.


Every wrap needs veggies, but then how you cut them makes all the difference. It’s always a good idea to use leafy greens like arugula or chopped up lettuce, but when you add other vegetables, make sure they’re cut up nice and small or into strips so they can be eaten easily.


You want there to be a difference in textures in the wrap as well or you’re going to lose interest. A good thing to do this is to choose crunchy vegetables or put in some little seeds like chia, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, or whatever you like best!