Three Reasons to Always Keep Plain Yogurt in Your Fridge

Photo by Drica Pinotti on Unsplash

Yogurt is such a versatile ingredient that you can use for so many different kinds of dishes, there is always an occasion to use yogurt. Even if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, keeping a non-dairy yogurt is super easy to do as well.

Frozen Yogurt

Making yogurt into frozen yogurt is a really simple process! All you need is a flavoring if you want to make it taste beyond yogurt, some honey, and a food processor! Blend everything together, freeze, and you have rich, creamy, healthy, frozen yogurt.


There are so many different sauces you can make with yogurt, and the possibility is really endless. You can use it to replace mayo it in existing sauces or make traditional sauces like tzatziki, raita, and more! The easiest thing to do is just combine it with some citrus juice like lemon or lime, salt, pepper, and you have a nicely complex sauce that goes with many different cuisines!


There’s nothing like sitting down to have a proper breakfast, and if you’re someone on the go, yogurt is your best bet. All you have to do is add some toppings like granola, nuts, fruit, or seeds, and you have a complete meal that will keep you going throughout the day.