The Secret to Making Perfect Guacamole

Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

If you’re just like everyone else in the world that’s part of this “superfood kick”, then you’ve likely become quite partial to avocados—and quite possibly guacamole. Of course, eating guacamole and making it are two completely different things. If you’ve struggled with making guac in the past and can’t figure out why, then it could be you’re overlooking this not-so-small factor: texture.

There are so many things to focus on when making guacamole: the seasonings, the onions, the tomatoes, you name it. As a result, it can sometimes lead you to forget about focusing on the most important thing of all: the avocado itself! Indeed, you may start mashing it when it’s not ripe enough, or perhaps too ripe.

These small mishaps can lead to bad texture in your guacamole, which will bring down its quality. It doesn’t matter how much salt or lemon you add at that point. If your avocado is bad, the guacamole’s texture will suffer as a result. When it comes to a perfect guac texture, you want to make sure it’s fresh but not hard, and also smooth but not runny. If you can do those things, the rest is a breeze!