How to Make Delivery Fries Crispy

French fries
Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

French fries are a great addition to almost any meal, but when it comes to delivery fries, they usually arrive cold and limp. Fries are supposed to be crispy and hot! Sure, you can still eat them like this, but they’re not nearly as tasty. With this hack, you can have leftover or delivery fries that taste like they came straight out of the fryer!

Instead of reheating them in the oven and waiting for the oven to heat up and the fries to get crispy, use a pan to reheat them. It takes less time and it’s much more efficient. It takes just minutes and your fries will be hot and crispy without being dry and burnt.

When reheating them in the pan, there’s no need to add oil. You’re not refrying the fries, you’re just reheating them. Besides, they already have tons of oil on them. Just toss the fries every 30 seconds or so to keep them moving. You’ll know they’re done when they start clanking around the pan. This happens because the moisture on the surface dries up.

Say goodbye to soggy, room-temperature fries and hello to crispy ones that taste like they’ve just been fried!