There are So Many Types of Seaweed to Choose From!

Image by zuzyusa from Pixabay

Seaweed might be strange for some people to eat, but in reality it’s a delicious, flavorful product that can really enhance your dishes and your nutrition!

Seaweed is loaded with nutrients, including tons of fiber, so learn about the most common types of seaweed eaten in the Western world and how you can use them in your cooking!


A type of kelp, kombu usually comes dried in squares. The way to use it is to first take a slightly damp cloth and wipe it off. Then, you can use it to make traditional Japanese stock called dashi, which is the base of some great soups like ramen!

Kombu is also full of enzymes that help us break down food and doesn’t have a strong flavor at all, so throw it into stews, beans, and any other cooked foods to help you digest it better.


This type of seaweed is actually a pressed version of a red algae. Nori is most known for being used to wrap sushi, but also can be found in ramen, miso, and other Asian soups!


You might recognize this type of seaweed from a salad with the same name. When you buy it, it has already been salted and dried, so you just need to rehydrate it and watch it expand! Use it in soups and salads for a different kind of texture and mild flavor.