There’s A Bar In London Selling A Cocktail That Claims To Cure Hangovers

A bar in West London is claiming to sell a chlorophyll cocktail that cures hangovers.

We’ve all heard of the infamous “hair of the dog” technique for dodging a hangover, and usually, we’d avoid this method like the plague. We may make an exception for a new chlorophyll cocktail at The Little Yellow Door in London, appropriately named “The Hangover.”

The drink promises “to pack one hell of a punch with more health benefits than drinks can shake a stick at.”

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants and it has a ton of health benefits. It can help you flush out toxins and can rehydrate you effectively, which is exactly what you need after a night out.

A spokesperson for the magical cocktail said: “For those looking to detox or retox, guests at West London’s quirkiest brunch can now enjoy all the benefits of chlorophyll in just one cocktail.

“No longer reserved for health-food stores, chlorophyll has become the latest superfood buzzword, cropping up in a number of drinks sold across the pond. Alongside its anti-ageing and toxin-busting benefits, chlorophyll is often used as a natural mouthwash substitute.”

We’re not endorsing the product, because we haven’t tried it, but it has definitely caught our attention. Could there really be a cocktail out there that cures hangovers? It sounds too good to be true but hey, anything is possible.