There’s a Real Fruit Named Miracle Berry

Photo: guatemalangourmand/Instagram

Over the past several decades, companies have come up with ways to substitute sugar in products, as well as powders to put into drinks. But there’s one product that doesn’t just substitute sugar, it revolutionizes it.

The miracle berry is a fruit that is native to West Africa, and when eaten before consuming something sour and acidic, it makes it taste sweet. This is because there is a substance inside it called miraculin, which changes your taste buds to make sour things taste sweet.

While this is obviously beneficial for so many reasons, it’s also a complicated berry. The FDA has historically not guaranteed its safety even though there’s been extensive research done on it. It’s also extremely hard to grow, which means it can be very costly.

However, more and more people are trying to make this berry more accessible in different forms, from powders to tablets and more, so that we can get the sweetness we want without the determinants of sugar.

The miracle berry is also amazingly helpful for people undergoing chemotherapy, because it makes food apparently less metallic and more palatable, which is a huge success for people going through cancer and other illnesses.

So be on the lookout for anything with miracle berry in it and try it out for yourself!