These are Some of the Most Unique McDonald’s Menu Items Around the World

Photo: ginevragraciotti/Instagram

Did you know that the menu at McDonald’s varies throughout the world based on local preferences and item availability?

The largest restaurant chain on Earth isn’t just about Big Macs and French fries. Different countries have unique items that draw inspiration from the local cuisines. Here are some of the most unique McDonald’s offerings from around the globe.


The McLobster is a seasonal McDonald’s item in the New England region of the United States and in Canada. It draws inspiration from a lobster roll, a traditional sandwich consisting of bread and lobster salad.

Ebi Fillet-O

This might look like a chicken sandwich from a distance, but the McDonald’s Ebi Fillet-O is a burger made out of a shrimp patty with a spicy sauce. It originated from Japan, but it is now also sold in Hong Kong.


McCurrywurst is a McDonald’s menu item in Germany, where currywurst is a popular fast food dish made from pork sausage. It’s covered with curry sauce, which gives the dish a kick.


A pasta dish might not be what you’d expect to find at McDonald’s, but in the Philippines, McDonald’s offers a dish that is made out of spaghetti with red meat sauce.