These Are the Best Countries for Ceviche Lovers

Image by MKPK/Depositphotos

In recent years, a dish called ceviche has become one of the trendiest seafood options around. This citrusy, light, and refreshing dish originated in Central and South America but has now spread to become popular in many places throughout the world.

If you are looking to travel to try ceviche and the different types of this seafood treat that exist, here are three countries that you absolutely must stop in.


In Mexico, typical ingredients from this country’s gastronomy rule the roost when it comes to ceviche. In addition to seafood ingredients like shrimp, octopus, and squid, you’ll also find salt, lime, onion, chiles, and avocado in Mexican ceviche. It’s most popular in coastal areas of the country.


Peru is arguably the birthplace of ceviche, and this country’s version of the dish is one of the most classic and beloved. Sea bass, the basis for Peruvian ceviche, is marinated in lime juice for hours before being combined with onions, chiles, salt, and pepper in this country’s version of the dish.


When it comes to ceviche in Ecuador, you will find two main ingredients: shrimp and tomato. This tangy dish also contains coconut milk and lime juice, and in contrast to many countries’ versions of ceviche, the shrimp included in Ecuador’s version is typically cooked.