These are the Best Music Genres to Cook To

Cooking is a process that can drive you crazy if you aren’t careful. From the stress of coordinating recipe steps to the boredom of peeling potatoes, it’s important to find ways to stay motivated and happy while in the kitchen!

Try cooking to these musical genres to up your kitchen experience.


Classical music is our favorite genre to cook with for a variety of reasons. From the mellow, relaxing melodies of the piano and violin to the creative mood that it inspires, this is probably our top choice for cooking music.


Electronic music offers a fast-paced, driven music choice to keep you energized and moving fast while in the kitchen. If you are feeling a little bored while doing monotonous kitchen tasks, electronic is a great option to spice things up.


We think that soul music is quite possibly the most underrated kitchen music that you can choose. The warm, loving tones of this musical genre will inspire you to cook with your heart and lend a great mood to your kitchen.