Fried Ravioli is a Strange St. Louis Favorite

What is the weirdest Italian-inspired food that you have ever tried? If you have ever taken a trip to St. Louis, Missouri in the United States and dined at one of the many restaurants offering up the city’s most famous dish, we bet you would probably choose this specialty.

St. Louis is the home of one of the strangest regional favorites in the United States, fried ravioli. And yes, fried ravioli is exactly what you think it is—the Italian pasta favorite which has then been deep fried.

Charlie Gitto’s and Mary’s on the Hill, two classic Gateway City Italian joints located in The Hill, the city’s classic Italian neighborhood, claim to be the restaurant that came up with this strange creation in the 1940s.

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What’s for sure is that this dish is uniquely American. Adapting ravioli to the American palate, which loves fried things, makes this dish a creation that would probably only become popular in the United States.

Commonly served topped with Parmesan cheese and Marinara sauce for dipping, fried ravioli remains a favorite to this day in St. Louis.

So, if you find yourself passing through St. Louis in the future, be sure to order up a plate of fried ravioli and try this weird favorite yourself!