These Are the Hottest Trends in Food Delivery

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2018 was an important year in food delivery, a trend that has begun sweeping the world. While it’s long been possible to call certain types of restaurants to have food delivered, such as pizza joints and Chinese take-out restaurants, with the advent of services like Grubhub and Just Eat, it’s now even easier to skip cooking and get restaurant food delivered to your home or place of work.

Grubhub recently released a list of the trends that their company saw in food delivery last year. Data is still coming in for 2019, but what the industry saw last year tells us a lot about how tastes are evolving and changing.

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Believe it or not, the one food that saw the highest increase in popularity on the popular food delivery platform in 2018 was bean burritos. This Mexican-inspired dish combines lots of positive aspects, such as a spicy kick, all-vegetarian ingredients, and its normally economical price.

Poke continued its hot status last year, coming in at #2. This marinated seafood dish originating from Hawaii continues to tantalize diners outside of the Aloha State that has become familiar with it in the last couple of years.

Finally, coming in at #3 was chicken sliders. These mini chicken sandwiches saw a nearly 200% rise in popularity last year, which is probably due to its trending status as a smaller and more customizable form of a traditional chicken sandwich.

What trends surprised you most in 2018? What do you think will see a surge in popularity this year?