These Banana “Sailboats” Are a Fun Snack to Make With Kids

Banana recipe with kids
Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

Do you remember being a child, and how much fun it was to make your own snacks and express your creativity? Do you remember building things or telling stories as a child, again, expressing your creativity? To help pass those fun memories on to your own children, try out this fun snack you can make with them.

The banana boat requires a boat, a mast, a sail, and a crew.

For these, you’ll need:

  • A banana (the boat)
  • Melon, cut into a triangle (the sail)
  • Chocolate chips (the crew)
  • A toothpick (the mast)
  • Peanut butter (to glue it together)


In technicality, this is very simply a snack of banana with peanut butter and chocolate chips. But we’re going to make it more than that by building a “boat” out of the ingredients.

Start by cutting a ridge through your banana long ways, so that you’re left with a fault line wide enough for a crew running down the banana. Next, fill the fault line with peanut butter. 

Now, attach the sail to the mast by skewering the triangular melon on the toothpick. Then stick the toothpick upright into the banana, thus giving your boat a mast and a sail.

Finally, add the chocolate chip crew. Encourage the kids to tell a story with these materials—who’s in the crew, where they put each of them, and why are they out at sea? This way kids have a little more than just a snack that they’ve created—they’ve created a story.

Finally, eat the boat!