These Countries Go Crazy for Empanadas

Photo by Patryk Pastewski on Unsplash

Empanadas are a popular food choice in many countries throughout the world. Simply described as a meat and vegetable “mini pie,” you will find this delicious treat in plenty of countries throughout the world that once formed a part of the Spanish Empire.

Check out the places where this special food is still popular and widely-enjoyed today.


As the birthplace of the empanada, it’s no surprise that Spain is still a popular place to enjoy empanadas. This food enjoys hundreds of regional variants, from seafood empanadas in the country’s north to a vegetarian “pisto” option with sauteed veggies in Castilla.


Argentina is absolutely in love with empanadas, which are typically oven-baked until golden brown. These treats are often served during the Easter and Lent periods of the year when they are filled with ingredients such as tuna.


That’s right: you can find empanadas in Asia too! The Philippines, which was once ruled by Spain, continues the empanada tradition even now as a geographic anomaly. The Filipino version is commonly deep-fried and contains ingredients such as ground meat, potatoes, and vegetables.