These Foods Contain More Sugar Than You Probably Think

Healthy eating can be challenging, especially when you have yet to learn what your favorite foods actually contain and how good/bad they are for you. When it comes to sugar, more and more people believe that we should aim toward eliminating it completely. Even if you don’t share this opinion and just want to eat it in moderation, it’s still good to know what are the foods that can have surprisingly huge amounts of sugar. Here’s our list.

Flavored Water / Vitamin Water

Flavored or vitamin water may seem like a good alternative to sodas and other sugary drinks, but don’t think that it’s always calorie and sugar-free. One bottle can have up to 31 grams of sugar, the same amount as an average chocolate bar!

Cereal With Milk

Your favorite store-bought cereal is probably delicious because of the high sugar content. It’s best to make your own mix using grains and nuts you buy separately.

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Low-Fat Yogurt

Food companies will make low-fat products that actually contain more sugar than full-fat versions – that richness and flavor has to come from somewhere, right?

Dried Fruits

Fresh fruit contains natural sugar, but that sugar is much more concentrated in dried, dehydrated fruits.