These Nacho Toppings are Weird, But Genius

Nachos are one of our favorite snacks to make for parties or simply to snack on during a lazy night at home. If you make this Mexican-inspired dish often, you might find yourself with normal toppings like black beans, shredded chicken, or tomato.

Check out these ideas for unconventional, but genius nacho toppings for the next dish of them you make.


What’s rich, savory, and takes on the flavor of anything that you cook them in? That’s right, the answer is mushrooms! Try sauteeing them in a spicy Mexican sauce and then throwing them on top of nachos for a tasty treat.

Shrimp and Avocado

Are you a seafood fan who also loves nachos? You should definitely try topping them with a shrimp and avocado mix. Inspiring the flavor of ceviche, it’s a unique twist on a dish that you’ve probably never tried in this way.


Looking for an underappreciated meat to try on your next batch of nachos? How about chorizo, a spicy Mexican sausage that is great when crumbled on top of cheese on top of tortilla chips.