These US Regional Pizza Varieties are Unique and Delicious

Photo by Adam Smotkin on Unsplash

Pizza might have been an Italian creation, but over the years, a number of immigrants from Europe’s “boot” have moved to the United States and created their own spins on this classic dish.

Some are well-known, such as the Chicago deep dish and New York-style, but there are plenty of other more regional classics that are worth giving a shot.

If you find yourself in the U.S. and want to try a variety of pizza that you might’ve otherwise never seen, here are some recommendations for unique pizzas that you can try!

St. Louis-style Pizza

St. Louis-style might take some getting used to, but once you’ve had it, you’re likely to want it again. This unique pie has a thin, cracker-like crust and is topped with Provel cheese, a processed cheese alternative popular in the area.

New Haven-style Pizza

New Haven pizzas come from the state of Connecticut and are unique because they’re topped with pecorino romano cheese instead of mozzarella before being baked in a super-hot, coal-fired oven. Yum.

Trenton Tomato Pie

Trenton Tomato Pies are unique for one reason: the cheese goes on the crust first and then the sauce goes on after! This gives the Trenton pies an unexpected twist that you will be sure to love.