This is the Easiest Way to Make Guacamole (That Still Tastes Good)

Guacamole recipe
Photo by Tessa Rampersad on Unsplash

Here’s the thing about guacamole. It’s pretty much a perfect food. Everybody loves it. You can eat it alone or at a party. You can dip things in it, put it in your burrito, smear it on toast, or just eat it with a spoon. And, if you use this recipe, you can make a version of guacamole that tastes fantastic but is also incredibly easy to whip up without any stress. Sound good? Keep reading to learn how.


  • Avocado – Because duh
  • Lime or lemon juice – Are limes hard to come by in your area? No worries. Lemon juice will work too.
  • Garlic powder – Ain’t nobody got time to mince fresh garlic. Use garlic powder. Nobody will know the difference.
  • Salt
  • Pepper

If you’re one of those cilantro people, you can also add that, too. No need, though. It’ll taste just as delicious without it.


Cut the avocado in half. Carefully remove the pit. Use a knife to dice the avocado while it’s still in the skin. Then take a big spoon and scoop out the diced avocado flesh into a big bowl.

Add lime juice (or lemon!) and mash with a fork until you get your desired, partially chunky texture. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Taste. Add more garlic powder because you probably didn’t add enough before. And enjoy!