This TikTok Hack Will Help You Make Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies
Image by pixel1 from Pixabay

Baking homemade chocolate chip cookies isn’t all that hard. No matter their shape and form, they will probably taste great. On the other hand, achieving the cookie consistency you want is a bit more challenging.  

It appears that every time we want to get soft and melty cookies, we end up with crispy and thin ones. There are also times when we aim for crunchy chocolate chip cookies and get the thick version of this iconic treat.

Well, that shouldn’t be an issue anymore, thanks to Benjamin the baker. This TikTok user, who has eight years of experience working in bakeries, recently shared a simple yet effective hack that will help you get the perfect chocolate chip cookies every time.


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According to Benjamin the baker, the secret is in adjusting the temperature of your oven. While most recipes ask for 350F, this temperature will only get you one kind of cookie. If you want to have extra-crisp cookies, bake them at 300F. If you want to have soft and gooey chocolate chip cookies, bake them at 425F.

“Low temp for thinner and crispier, high temp for thicker and gooier,” says Benjamin the baker in the video, while demonstrating the results.

The clip quickly became a huge hit on social media and already racked up five million views in just a couple of days. Check it out!