Tips For Making Your Own Hummus

Hummus tips
Image by danad94d from Pixabay

Although it originated in the Middle East, the rest of the world has long known the joys of hummus, a delicious savory dish made of chickpeas often used as a dip or spread. It’s easy to find in a store, but there’s a special pleasure in making your own, offering both satisfaction and the ability to customize your hummus to your liking. If you want to make hummus at home, here are some tips you can follow that will ensure your results turn out great.

Overcook Your Chickpeas

Most of the time, when you cook beans, you want to avoid cooking them too long in order to preserve their structure. But with hummus, you want to cook your chickpeas until they’re super tender, soft, and creamy. This will help you get the best consistency.

Use (Good) Tahini

A lot of (Western) hummus recipes call blending the chickpeas with olive oil, but the traditional way is to blend with tahini, a toasted sesame seed paste, which has just as much fat and flavor as olive oil, if not more. So go ahead and go the tahini route, making sure to get pure, authentic sesame seed tahini.