Tips for Storing Alcoholic Drinks

Wine Barrels
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

The way you store your alcoholic drinks is quite crucial if you don’t want them to lose their quality. Improper storing usually leads to evaporation or loss of flavor, and you definitely don’t want that.

However, all alcohol isn’t made the same, so different alcoholic drinks require different storage. Check out some of the storing tips below to keep your valuable beverages in the best condition they can be.


The biggest enemies of wine are temperature and light. Always make sure that your wine bottles are kept in the dark and not stored below 25F or above 68F. Also, keep the corked wine bottles horizontally, as this will prevent the cork from drying out and decaying.


Beer is best kept in a cool and dark place at a temperature between 45F and 55F. You can keep it in your fridge, but make sure it isn’t too cold as this will mess with the taste. Also, always keep cans and bottles upright to limit the exposure of the beer and prevent oxidation.


For whiskey, it is important that it sits upright, as keeping the bottle on the side might cause cork erosion. Also, keep the frequency of opening at a minimum since each time you open the bottle, you increase oxidation that spoils the alcoholic content and results in loss of flavor. The general rules of dark and cool places apply.