Use The Whole Celery with this Amazing Salad!

Image via Pexels

Celery root is not often something to get excited about; in fact, most people dread it. But wipe away your childhood memories of being forced to eat it against your will and get excited about new and innovative ways to really love celery! To start your journey, try this celery salad that is unlike any other. It actually uses every single part of the celery, including the leaves and the innermost part called the heart. If you are ready to dive into celery, this is your recipe.

To make this salad, the most important thing you need to think about is textures. Each part of the celery will be cut in a different way giving diversity to the overall dish. For the stalks, cut those into matchstick-size pieces. For the heart, thinly slice. For the leaves, simply pick them off and leave them whole.

Some great additions to this salad are onions, shallots, apples, or whatever vegetables you have lying around. This salad can also take on bold dressings, so you can go light with a lemon vinaigrette or heavy with a dijon based dressing. You can also serve it over simple things like rice to give it some extra body.