Useful Tips for a Cleaner Cooking Experience

Cleaning tips
Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash

Whether you’re an amateur cook or slightly more than that, there’s one challenge all cooking beings share: keeping the kitchen clean while you cook. Obviously, the kitchen is not a museum, and it’s perfectly natural to make a small mess when we cook or bake! But by applying a few useful tips, you’ll be able to avoid a decent part of it. Who knows? You might even finish cooking and still be able to recognize your kitchen after!

Use a Cooking-Designated Trash Bag

When you cook, it’s extremely helpful to use a fresh garbage bag instead of throwing cooking-induced trash into your regular under-the-sink trashcan. This will help you consolidate everything in one place, so you can simply throw it away when you’re done. Try your best to hang the bag somewhere near your cooking space instead of placing it on the kitchen counter, so you can keep it from getting wet or dirty as you cook (which can only contribute to the sense of uncleanliness).

Put Things Away (Or in the Sink) Once You’re Done Using Them

As you cook, there are certain ingredients or instruments that you need for a specific stage of the recipe and are then no longer needed. Whether it’s a pot, a saltshaker, a jar of peanut butter, or a bag of lettuce, just put it back in place once you’re done with it, and you’ll have one item less taking up precious cooking space. If it’s dirty dishes or cutlery, just throw them in the sink and take care of them later.

Don’t Wait Until You’re Finished to Start Cleaning

This might be stating the oblivious for some, but less so for others: pick up after yourselves throughout the cooking process, and not just after you’re done. You’d be amazed at how much cleaner your kitchen would feel while you cook.