Vietnamese Coffee: Perfection in a Glass

If you have ever gone out to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant, you may have noticed something curious called “Vietnamese coffee” on the drink menu.

Vietnamese coffee is a beloved drink that comes from Southeast Asia and is widely regarded as one of the most delicious and interesting ways to enjoy coffee on the planet.

So, what is Vietnamese coffee, and what makes it special?

French priests introduced the coffee plant to the country in the mid-19th century, and Vietnam quickly became a giant of the production of the robusta form of coffee, which is stronger and more bitter than the more widely-consumed arabica variety.

In order to combat the bitter and strong taste of the country’s coffee, a fantastic creation was made.

The coffee, which is always brewed through a small, manual drip filter, is combined with sweetened and condensed milk in order to make a sweet and strong beverage. Sweetened condensed milk is the natural choice in Vietnam because of the difficulty of finding fresh milk, and it just happens to work out perfectly based on the characteristics of the region’s coffee.

The drink is either enjoyed hot or immediately poured into a glass with ice in order to drink while cold. Doesn’t it sound delicious?