Your Body Doesn’t Like It When You Skip Meals

From time to time, all of us skip meals, but it’s really not a good idea to do it regularly. Whether it happens to you because of your busy schedule or intentional intermittent fasting schedule, your body will suffer some consequences.

Energy Level Drop

In the most basic sense, food is fuel for your body. When you don’t provide food, your body starts losing energy and performing ordinary tasks may become a problem. Moreover, when you start running low on glucose, you start craving sugar and carbs, the very things you should avoid if you want lasting energy and nutrition.

Likely to Eat Unhealthy Foods

When you skip a meal and become very hungry, you don’t want to deal with cooking or making something healthy. All you want is something convenient that will help provide you some energy fast, and that’s usually something sugary or filled with carbs. However, foods that raise your energy levels fast will not give you lasting effect and you’ll soon be hungry again, eventually intaking more calories than your body needs.