Want to Learn to Cook Like You’re in Victorian England? Check This Out!

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With the advent of television series and media productions such as “Downton Abbey” and a renewed cultural interest in 19th century England, it’s not surprising that more and more people are looking to learn about this place and time in history.

Have you ever wondered what those people ate? Well, if so, you’re in luck. The English Heritage YouTube channel’s The Victorian Way series is here to show you how to cook like you’re in 19th century England.

English Heritage is a British historical association that works to preserve historic buildings and sites in the UK as well as bring the history of the country back to life. One of their newest additions in order to do this has been The Victorian Way.

Victorian-era food might not have always been the most exciting or delicious cuisine in world history, but it’s fascinating to take a look at some of the recipes that people back in those days would have eaten. From cucumber ice cream to pigeon pie, delicacies from 19th century England certainly aren’t anything like our favorite foods today.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about this historical period of gastronomy, be sure to check out The Victorian Way!

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Kitchen Speaking about traditional houses. On Tuesdays, we traditionally study houses and discuss issues of home and interior. Today we will discuss an unexpected area – the kitchen. If you want to look at traditional kitchen in a good house, pay attention to the magnificent @englishheritage edition and, in particular, to the short films ‘The Victorian Way’. The fact is that the Audley End estate that previously belonged to Braybrooks is now a museum with beautifully interiors, carefully preserved gardens, stable and service wing. Our newspaper will tell about this manor in detail in the following articles, this theme is extensive and interesting, but now let’s focus on the service part. Historians from ‘English heritage’ have carefully studied the materials, notes and diaries of the servants of the estate and its owners. On their basis, they created a magnificent reconstruction – the days of the gardener and the cook, with the most practical advice of the 1880s. Old oven, crystal, copper bowls and wooden shovels, corset dress … In the vast expanses of the Youtube archive, one can hardly find anything more peaceful and traditional than these Victorian recipes prepared according to Mrs. Crocombe cookbook. The most beautiful thing is that these films have the most practical application. And not only in terms of recipes. This is one of the few illustrative illustrations of the traditional attitude to work in the right place. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx2QMoA1Th9deXXbo7htq21CUPqEPPGuc #traditionalistnewspaper #traditionalSKhouses #traditionalhouses #thevictorianway #englishheritage #mrsCrocombe #1880x #victoriankitchen #traditions #traditional #traditionalist #audleyend

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