What to Make With September Fruit

Peach cobbler
Photo by Hanne Hoogendam on Unsplash

Fall is rolling around, and you may be wondering what’s in season right now. It’s always best to use seasonal fruits when cooking because they will be fresher and riper than at other times of the year. Fruit is also cheaper when it’s in season because it is cheaper to grow and doesn’t need to be shipped from far away. Here are some fruits that come ripe in September and a dish you can make with each.

Stone Fruit: Peach Cobbler

September heralds stone fruits like peaches, plums, and nectarines. These fruits make great on-the-go snacks because they can be eaten with one hand. A great dish to make with them is peach cobbler, which really hits the balanced notes of a summer/fall dish that September requires thanks to the bright juicy peach flavors combined with cinnamon and warm spices.

Blackberries and Blueberries: Blueberry Pancakes

These dark berries are delicious to pop in your mouth fresh by the handful, and are especially expensive when they’re not in season so it’s a good idea to take advantage when they’re available. One yummy and classic dish you can make is blueberry pancakes. If you like you can also cook down both of the berries with sugar for a syrup to pour on top as well.

Melon: Green Smoothies

Melons are a great snack for the warmer beginning of September, as they are juicy, bright, and refreshing. They come in big sizes so it’s easy to cut them up and have the slices for a snack throughout the week. Because they’re so sweet and juicy, melons are a common ingredient in green smoothies. They help take the edge off the “healthy” taste and add a special something as well.