Pot Pies That Aren’t Chicken

Chicken pot pie alternatives
Photo by Jessica Kantak Bailey on Unsplash

Chicken Pot Pie is a classic dish, and it makes a hearty meal when you need to feed a family. But sometimes it might get a little monotonous, or you might not have chicken in the house. Luckily there are lots of other pot pies you can try out.

Herring Pot Pie

If you’ve ever seen the film Kiki’s Delivery Service, you probably remember the herring pot pie that Kiki must deliver in the rain against all odds. The pie looks delicious even animated, and luckily a few people have created recipes so that you can eat it in real life. Some recipes use pumpkin, while others require a mash-potato base. Either way, it’s delicious and quite a departure from the classic chicken.

Vegan Pot Pie

Even though chicken pot pie is named for its meat, its main characteristics are really that the ingredients be cooked in a broth until thick and then covered in a crust. That means it’s not too hard to turn this vegan by using vegetable stock, seitan, or whatever you like instead of chicken, and lots of veggies.

Guinness Beef Pot Pie

In an ultra-rich, ultra-original take on the classic dish, this is essentially beer-based beef stew covered with a crust. It’s also got mushrooms and other veggies that soak up all that beefy goodness.