Who Says You Can’t Have Kebabs For Breakfast?

Image by moerschy from Pixabay

Kebabs are almost always thought of as meaty skewers you have for lunch or dinner. But why not make breakfast style kebabs? They are really flexible, so you can totally customize them, they and are super fun to make, especially if you have reusable metal skewers, so you don’t have to create a lot of waste. Here are a few ideas for you to check out!


Make yourself a mini pancake kebab alongside beautiful fruit and a little protein from a sweetened yogurt sauce! Make whatever style of pancakes you like best, cut them into squares, and layer them on a skewer with fruits like bananas, berries, or whatever you have on hand. On the side, mix together some yogurt and a little honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and breakfast is ready to go!


Instead of putting together a ton of skewers by yourself, why not make a buffet instead that the whole family can enjoy! Have bowls of different fruits, waffles, french toast, sausages, etc. and let everyone make their own breakfast kebab. This is not only a good way for everyone to get involved, but you can also use frozen products to make it even easier on you.