Four Ingredients to Put a Twist on Lasagna

Image by Angelo Rosa from Pixabay

Originating in Italy, the pasta dish known as lasagna is a classic meal that is popular in homes and restaurants throughout the world.

It usually consists of lasagna pasta sheets, ground beef or pork, ricotta and/or mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce.

It’s easy to add ingredients to mix up the monotony of regular lasagna, so here are four ideas of ways to put a twist on the dish.


Adding pepperoni as a layer to a dish of lasagna will give it a slightly spicy kick that you’ll find addictive. Ricotta and pepperoni balance each other so well, and it’s worth trying this mix.


Mushrooms, which can be added either as a layer or to the red sauce in lasagna, adds an intriguing depth to lasagna that you’ll love.

Banana Peppers

These yellow, tangy peppers can be combined with the meat in lasagna to give it a peppy kick. If it tastes so good on pizza, it stands to reason that it’s good in lasagna too.


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Finally, adding a layer of fresh spinach to a dish of lasagna is a way to add a healthy vegetable component to a dairy- and meat-heavy dish. You can also substitute the meat in lasagna with spinach to make a vegetarian version.