Why You Should Start Eating Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread
Photo by Debbie Widjaja on Unsplash

Sourdough bread is one of those mythical types of food for certain people. Those who have no idea what it is simply nod their heads, take a bite whenever they’re offered, and simply go on with their afterward without thinking twice about it. If that sounds like you, here’s why you should take a second to appreciate sourdough, and why you should be eating it more often.

A Healthier Bread

The truth is that sourdough bread is a much healthier alternative to that of regular bread. To be clear, when we say “regular” bread, we mean all bread that isn’t labeled as sourdough, even whole wheat. This is because sourdough isn’t made with artificial yeast, and most supermarket breads are.

The Original

Instead of artificial yeast, sourdough bread is made with what’s called “wild yeast”, which is essentially just naturally evolved yeast cultures. To put things a bit plainer, sourdough bread is how people have been making bread for centuries.

It was only in the last century that commercialized corporations introduced artificial yeast into the scene, making bread considerably less healthy on your stomach. Indeed, sourdough bread is a lot more kind to your digestive system, and a much more organic option than most breads you’ll find in any store.