Wonderful Succulent Cakes and Cupcakes by Brooklyn Floral Delight

Brooklyn Floral Delight is a wonderful cake shop where you can buy these succulent-themed cakes and cupcakes designed by the owner Jiahn Kang. The shop has over 35,000 Instagram followers that enjoy the combination of adorable desserts and stunning food photography.

Kang opened the shop in 2015. Besides baking, she also organizes courses and workshops where she teaches other people how to bake and decorate desserts. Even though pretty cakes are not exactly a new thing, Kang’s work really stands out. For her, each cupcake is so much more than just a dessert. “It’s an edible art for each individual,” as she told Vogue.

As you may have assumed, Kang loves plants and is always excited when she discovers a new species she hasn’t seen before. It gives her a chance to recreate it for her cakes and it’s that passion and devotion that helps her work be extraordinary.

Scroll down for some of the most beautiful cakes and cupcakes you’ve ever seen.